Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ready for the Holidays

A few months ago we received a request for a custom woven piece - our first commissioned work. Pretty heady stuff for a rag-tag bunch of museum volunteers. Our charter was to create a table runner for a rustic dining room table that was 103 inches long, plus some overhang & fringe. 

It came off the loom last week, we tied the fringe this morning and TaDa - it's done and ready for Thanksgiving (our target was for Christmas). 

A combination of two fabrics gave us nice cranberry reds with a hint of mint. 

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  1. The loom you assembled and have been using sounds like the one my ancestor, Ida Danker used in her home in Pennsylvania. Her brother Johan, who also immigrated from Sweden, built it for her as well as a barn built with no nails.

    Here is a story about my father and his grandmother, Ida, gathering raw wool and how she had made three pairs of mittens within a few days...

    Nice work. Thank you.