Monday, June 27, 2011

Bitter End (of a warp) - Home Sweet Home: Rugs 25 & 26

It appears that we have come to the end of our warp or in nautical terms to the bitter end. But it has been a sweet run for this warp. We wound on approximately 25 yds of warp last September and have been rewarded with seven months of weaving and eleven "museum quality" cotton rag rugs - most of which have already been sold in the museum gift shop (at least three of them were sold before they could get that far). Not a bad investment donated materials and volunteer labor.

Here's a look at Rugs 25 & 26. Plus (learning from history) we were able to squeeze a couple more placemats out before we really hit the bitter end. Sweet!

With a little help from our friends, these will have "hand woven" labels sewed on and be For Sale in the gift by the end of the week.

Another - Loom With A View

It's ok when a hummer interrupts your concentration - the new weaving room is working out just fine, thank you.