Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ideal Warp2-Rug2

Moving right along - we've started working on the second rug on our new (2nd) warp on the Ideal Loom. I think it's going to be quite respectable.

And a news flash! (roll the drums....) We just g0t a request to create a custom table runner - our first "commissioned" piece at the Museum! Who'd a thought.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Egrets!

Another likely candidate for a wildlife portfolio.

Just the shear number of Egrets at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is impressive, but when they line up like this it's amazing. (from the archives 9/2008)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5-Star Wren

I'm a little surprised at how good (I think) this picture came out. The new camera is exceeding expectations - quick and smart. This little guy "posed" for less than a minute, but I was able to make two (out of three) respectable photos - even one with flash fill. The wren will likely be the cover of my newly inspired (yet to be created) wildlife portfolio.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Old hobby, cool new tool.

I was able to sweet-talk Santa into coming early this year - I'm such a lucky guy, and very excited.

My new toy, the Nikon P7000, is Nikon's top of the line Coolpix compact digital camera. No more whining about not being able to "make" the picture that I think I'm seeing in my head. This little bad boy does it all and more (it will warn you if "it thinks" someone blinked). It's going to take a little while to digest the owner's manual and learn to think like this hand held optical computing device does....

An Ideal Warp

Yeah! We finally got the Ideal loom at the County Museum dressed up with a new warp. This is the first of many rag rugs we will be able to weave on this warp. As you look at the dates of previous posts, it becomes obvious that this (378 thread) warp took us a while. But, when you consider we are only working at it about 3 hours a week (almost every Thursday morning).... hey, we're having fun - fun shouldn't be rushed. And, we did wind on about 25 yards of warp, so we'll be able to weave rugs for about a year or so before we need to do this again. That's a lot of fun.

On another front, it's been pointed out to me that I've been a slacker-blogger and haven't been keeping (significant) others informed about the myriad of (potentially) interesting things that I've been doing in the interim. I am compelled and inspired to do better for all concerned.